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With so many different options available to pick and choose from when it comes time to find a Forex broker and marketplace, choosing the right one for your specific needs can become a real headache and hassle.

This is especially true if you aren’t really careful about researching your options completely, really diving into all of the pros and cons of moving forward with one specific platform over another. Thankfully, by the time you’re done with all of the information in this quick guide and TrioMarkets review, you won’t have to worry about that any longer.

Let’s jump right in!

Who is behind this Broker?

TrioMarkets is one of the more established Forex marketplaces out there today, and it has been in existence since 2014 but the parent company behind TrioMarkets – EDR Financial – is a financial services company authorized and regulated by the government of Cyprus has been around even longer than that.

This gives TrioMarkets a lot of extra legitimacy and a lot of extra cachet in a market that is crowded with pretenders rather than contenders for your Forex investment considerations. You’ll be able to trust and rely on the information, data, tools, and technology provided by TrioMarkets thanks to the background and history of this Forex company in particular as well as the reputation around the world of the parent operation, too.


  • The first thing that you are going to notice about the TrioMarkets platform is that it opens up a world of foreign exchange currencies to trade, with more than 90 different currency pairs available at any one particular point in time. You are going to have the opportunity to trade all day every day without limitation at all, executing trades whenever you see Forex signals that show you that the market is about to take the kind of turn that you had been hoping and expecting it would.
  • A number of different trading platforms are available to be taken advantage of through the TrioMarkets set up, including “demo” trading platforms that allow you to try out new strategies and new techniques in the foreign-exchange world without ever wasting any of your hard earned money along the way. You’ll get up to $10,000 in funds to trade in this dummy account, all executed based off of real-time and real-world data, which gives you an edge and advantage that you might not be able to enjoy with other Forex platforms.
  • Aside from the “dummy” account that you can create to try out different Forex strategies without risking your money, you’ll also be able to create a traditional account or a high net worth/high volume trading account on the TrioMarkets platform. The standard account is probably going to be best suited to individuals that are just getting started with Forex, while the high net worth and high volume trading account is more up the alley of experienced veteran traders that want to move large sums of money in each and every single trade.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are effortless on the TrioMarkets platform, especially if you have a bank account located in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, or the rest of Europe. Customers and clients in the United States are going to have a little bit of a tougher time executing bank transfers directly with the TrioMarkets platform, but even these kinds of clients can utilize all major credit and debit cards as well as traditional check deposits and withdraws to gain complete control over their TrioMarkets finances, too.
  • The library of resources provided to those that set up a TrioMarkets account is 100% free of charge and available to everyone that starts off with this platform. You’ll receive live and up-to-the-minute updated information about the Forex currencies you are interested in, but you’ll also receive detailed charts, signals, and other trading resources and tips that you simply will not get anywhere else.
  • This really helps to level the playing field considerably, and when you combine that with the social aspect of the TrioMarkets community that you can become a part of you can also accelerate your learning curve when you were getting ready to get started with Forex markets.
  • All of the resources that you can utilize the TrioMarkets platform and meeting advantage of directly on your computer or on your mobile phone or tablet. This opens up a world of trading to you anywhere you find yourself around the globe and at any point in time. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Pros and Cons

Depositing money into your TrioMarkets account and then withdrawing your funds whenever you want, with next to no delay whatsoever, has to be one of the biggest advantages in choosing to use the TrioMarkets platform in the first place. Bank transfers are going to be executed within 24 hours, and deposits to and from credit cards and debit cards can be executed within 48 hours.

Paper checks are going to take a little bit longer (obviously) either way, but you should still be able to put money into your account and money out of it in between 72 hours and 96 hours.

24/7 customer support is available online, the telephone, and through email as well. Community resources are always open to all members, social help is available throughout the community, and as we highlighted above you always have access to the training resources provided by TrioMarkets, too.

On the Flipside, TrioMarkets doesn’t have quite as much of a track record to fall back on as some of the more established platforms available to trade Forex today. Even still, the holding company behind this operation definitely has a sterling silver reputation which bodes well for those that decide to move in this direction.

Final Verdict

All things considered, TrioMarkets represents a modern, efficient, and easy to use Forex platform that can transform the way that you go about investing from here on out. Their tools are powerful, proven to be effective, and as helpful as it gets when it’s time to make savvy investments in the Forex world right now.

TrioMarkets is a Forex brokerage in platform well worth further investigation and research.


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