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Trading on the Forex market today offers everyone the opportunity to pursue the kind of financial future and investment opportunities that only ever used to exist for the truly rich and almost obscenely wealthy.

The Forex markets operate on a 24/7 hour basis, give you the opportunity to trade around the clock and from anywhere around the world, and have the potential to increase your return on investment faster than most anything else – provided that you play the market intelligently.

Brokerages like the Easy Markets platform help you to make your financial dreams a reality by not only offering you all of the tools you need to compete with Forex traders around the world, but also guarantees you get all of the training, technology, and proven strategies that only the veteran traders used to have access to so that you can really speed up your results and achieve your financial dreams much faster.

Learn more about how Easy Markets has the potential to transform your financial life by reading the rest of this quick review.

Who is behind this Broker?

Established in 2001 (originally as Easy Forex.com), Easy Markets transitioned to the new brand and the new mission in 2013 and added more than 100,000 active investors at the same time. This is a company that is operating out of Cypress, licensed and regulated by the Cypress Securities Exchange Commission, and also has regulatory oversight by the Australian securities and investments commission as well as the Australian government.

This is one of the truly legit Forex brokerage services available to regular investors today, and it’s one that also offers a lot of leverage and a lot of benefits that simply weren’t ever going to be made available to “regular” investors until Easy Markets made them possible.


  • For starters, Easy Markets makes it easy to trade more than 136 different currency pairs from around the world at any one particular point in time. More than 300+ markets can be tapped into through the Easy Markets platform, including markets in the CFD investment vehicle world. Securities, stocks, bonds, indices, and more can all be purchased directly through the Easy Markets platform on a number of global exchanges, opening up an almost unlimited amount of investment opportunities for those that want to really supercharge their financial future.
  • This is a Forex company that has won a number of industry awards, is backed by some of the biggest banks and financial institutions anywhere in the world, and has a ridiculously low barrier of entry. Standard accounts can be established with a minimum deposit of just $100, and once the account has been funded with $100, members can add as much or as little money as they like to the account whenever and however they see fit.
  • Depositing and withdrawing money is a simple and straightforward process on Easy Markets. Deposits and withdraws can be made via all major credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers to all bank accounts around the world except for those in the United States, and almost all of the major popular online money transfer services and crypto currencies including BitCoin.
  • Money transfers happen inside of 24 hours 99% of the time, but you’ll never have to wait any longer than 48 hours to have your money transferred regardless of the approach that you take advantage of.
  • Those brand-new to the world of Forex have the opportunity to create a brand-new free account with $100,000 of “virtual currency” added directly, and they are able to use all of the training library resources, video tutorials, and Easy Markets tools available to standard members and premium members to see if their Forex knowledge, tactics, strategies, and theories prove out without having to risk any of their own money along the way.

Pros and Cons

One of the most significant benefits that Easy Markets has over the rest of the Forex brokerages is the effortless ability to use the mobile tools in conjunction with the more traditional desktop/laptop based trading tools that Easy Markets is built on the back of.

This opens up truly 24/7 trading potential, giving clients the opportunity to move money one way or another, execute trades at any point in time whenever they see an opportunity, and trade from anywhere around the world without limitation. The mobile platforms work on both iOS and Android devices and are as feature-rich as the “base” desktop/laptop trading tools provided by Easy Markets.

Secondly, the customer service and support offered by this Forex brokerage is second to none. Operating on a 24 hour week day basis, and then available 12 hours on the weekends, you can contact customer service directly via telephone, fax, live chat, or through email around the clock and get almost instantaneous responses so that you don’t ever have to worry about missing out on investment opportunities that may have otherwise slipped by you because of a lack of customer support.

Finally, Easy Markets is one of the few Forex brokerages out there that offers truly risk free trades. Some terms and conditions apply, but there is the possibility for Deal Cancellation available from Easy Markets that helps you to recover and recoup losses on trades that may have proved out to be catastrophic.

Of course, you are going to have to put at least $100 of your own money into the Easy Markets platform just to get started. Other operations will allow you to get started for free, but that’s really the only slight downside you may have to contend with when you choose to move forward with this operation.

Final Verdict

As you have no doubt discovered, there are quite a few Forex brokerages and services out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to results.

Some of them are pretty good and deliver on these promises most of the time, whereas others are never going to be able to meet the lofty expectations that they have outlined in the first place. This isn’t ever something you’ll have to worry about when you choose to proceed with Easy Markets.

Reputable, reliable, and secure, you’ll have access to all of the tools, technology, and training necessary to succeed in the foreign exchange world when you move forward with the Easy Markets platform.


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