Would you like to learn how to trade? Have you dreamed of making money in your sleep? Maybe give up your day job to do something you like? Babypips could just be for you. If you are a novice trader, or someone who has entertained the idea of becoming a trader, this site has a wealth of knowledge that can set you on the right path. In addition, there are useful resources to help the more seasoned trader to gain a competitive edge.

Who Are The Founders?

Dr Pipex has achieved a Forex Trader status, he is ranked a Forex Master. He is a contributor to the site who draws mainly from his own experience, as well as the mistakes that he has made. He also reflects on the observations that he has made of others, to help develop methods in trading behavior. He strongly advocates that the best action one can take to improve their trading skills, is to work on themselves first. Understanding how you think, he believes is what can give a trader the edge over others. There are three other contributors with a wide range of experience in trading to help mentor readers.

What is Babypips?

Babypips is a website that aims to introduce the average person to the world and community of trading. Using educational content and news updates to help an aspiring trader, to become knowledgeable and profit making traders. They also have a community of experienced or professional traders on hand to help guide new comers to the community. The started in 2005 with a handful of informative articles to help educate learners, and have been growing steadily ever since.

What Is Their Aim?

Babypips realized that before the explosion of the Internet, trading was mainly done in currencies. The language and jargon was not easy to understand, or research. For over ten years they have been the main go to place for information.

What Do They Offer?

They offer online courses which they call a ‘school of Pipsology’ Forex news, trading strategies, market information and updates on central banks. Essentially, they offer everything you need to get started in trading currencies.

How Does The School Of ‘Pipsology’ Work?

  • Eleven various levels to complete.
  • It’s free!
  • Each level will progress a learner’s understanding of trading.
  • Once each level is completed it will unlock the next.
  • It is designed with a complete novice in mind, using basic terms.
  • More details can be found on this link here.

How Do You Join?

A simple sign up form is online directly on their website. You do not need a full account if you only wish to use the website as an educational resource, to read updates, or to learn with their online course. If you wish to interact with other members then a full sign up is needed.

Overall Babypips is an excellent resource and starting point for the novice learner. It could also be suggested that this site will help give a more experienced trader ‘an edge,’ by building on the knowledge and skills that they already have. There are news updates, a mailing list to join, a calendar with detailed key events, quizzes, word glossaries to help decode jargon, and tutorials. Overall an excellent trading bible.