Have you ever wanted to be able to trade and to do it with confidence? Trading can be a scary activity to be a part of if you don’t know what to look out for. Or maybe, you just haven’t tried AvaTrade yet.

With emphasis on integrity and innovation, AvaTrade was designed to help individuals trade with confidence and assurance on a platform where the customer is always the priority. More than 10 years later since its inception, AvaTrade has now cemented a reputation for itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the financial game in the internet world.

AvaTrade was first born in Dublin, Ireland back in 2006, and it began by offering trading services to more than 150 countries globally. AvaTrade is registered in the Virgin Islands, and while the administrative center remains in Dublin, AvaTrade has official representatives in five other locations which are in Milan, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, and Paris. While AvaTrade may be registered in a location considered an offshore jurisdiction, it still considers all British standards because of the FSC BVI license it is registered with.

Since then, AvaTrade has only grown exponentially and has a proven track record under its belt, and thanks to its dedication to making the customer’s priority number one, it has had no shortage of satisfied customers. Offering nothing but the highest level of services for all those that trade with it, AvaTrade’s priority is to make the trading environment a safe one for its customers. And it is safe because customers are rest assured that AvaTrade is fully licensed and regulated closely in the EU and BVI, Australia, Japan, and South Africa, Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and the Financial Conduct Authority of Great Britain.

Getting Started on AvaTrade

Getting into the game is easy, with a low minimum deposit of $100 for the clients to get things going. Wire transfers and funding through PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, and Neteller are accepted, and for the clients who wish to make immediate deposits through credit cards, they can opt to do so. AvaTrade has even made things easy with the Ava Debit Card feature, allowing clients to withdraw funds without the paperwork, even though the withdrawal process can be a slow one.

On AvaTrade, the maximum leverage is 400:1, and for those who are just getting started, one rule of thumb to keep in mind that the higher your leverage is, the greater the risk you take on. As for account options, AvaTrade offers clients one live trading platform account that comes with several levels. Each of these levels has different minimum deposit amounts required to get started. The account levels include the Silver level, Gold level, Platinum, and Premium levels, and clients can choose the platform they wish to get started on based on how much capital they want to start trading with.

What Trading Software Does AvaTrade Rely On?

AvaTrade, in keeping with its commitment to put clients above everything else, caters to every type of trader through a wide selection of platforms. These platforms are both manual and automated, allowing clients an access to approximately 250 trading instruments. AvaTrader’s corporate platform has a user-friendly guide, one of the reasons why this platform is so popular and allows clients to make single-click trading on all their assets.

AvaTrade is able to support a variety of trading platforms, including Windows XP, Windows 7 & and Windows Vista, and even Macintosh, all of which is easily downloaded and installed directly on the client’s laptop or computer. Analytical tools and charts which are accurate and up to the minute are some of the trading experiences clients can come to expect when using AvaTrade.

What makes the AvaTrader trading platform easily accessible is how clients can access the web platform of their account using any internet browser, even if they have not installed it into their computer. AvaTrade also comes with a mobile app version, which lets clients trade using their digital devices on both iOS and Android platforms. As long as the client has an AvaTrade account, it can easily be viewed anywhere and at any time.

Mirror Trader and ZuluTrade, two of the leading auto trading platforms in the market, allows clients the ability to be able to duplicate the trades of the more skilled online traders and they don’t even have to be in front of a computer for this to happen. Other platforms that AvaTrade supports include Metatrader 4 (among the most popular types of Forex platforms), AvaOptions (which allows trade with financial instruments like binary options for example), and Single Trader.

The Pros & The Cons of AvaTrade

Of course, before venturing into something new, especially when there’s money involved, a wise investor knows that the pros and the cons must be examined in thorough detail. Due diligence and proper research are going to be the difference between success and failure, and using trading platforms are no different.

AvaTrade’s pros include:

  • No deposit fees charged to the clients

  • No withdrawal fees charged to the clients

  • A secure platform for trading on

  • More than 250 markets are serviced

  • The demo accounts are beginner friendly

  • Fixed and variable spreads are available (spreads can start from 0.9 pips)

  • Cross-platform trading is an option

  • A good selection of forex instruments to trade on

  • Offers a range of five types of cryptocurrencies, which include Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

  • Islamic account options are available

  • Direct access to markets makes it easy for clients to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes that take place

  • Hedging and scalping are options which are allowed, and this is rare because not all trading platforms will allow its clients to perform this option

  • One-click trades are available for added convenience

  • Its 24-hour helpdesk service is available in several different languages via fax, emails, phones, and live chats with the customer support agent

The pros are looking good so far and are all valid reasons why traders would choose AvaTrade. But every pro has its cons, and AvaTrade’s cons include the following:

  • There is no guarantee in stop losses

  • Only 15 commodities are available for choosing

  • A fee of €/£/$25 is charged to the individual if there is more than 3 months of inactivity

  • There are no private or VPS servers

  • Cryptocurrencies cannot be used as a method of deposit

  • The withdrawal process can be a slow one, sometimes taking up to 5 days for completion


Despite the cons, AvaTrade is certainly doing a lot of things right or it would not have lasted for more than 10 years. AvaTrade remains a popular platform trading choice today because just about everyone is able to use it, from beginners to those who are more advanced and even the professional traders. They are pleased with how user-friendly it is. Its emphasis on safety is what puts AvaTrade a step above the competition and an outstanding choice for traders of all levels.


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